Our cannabis cultivation is organic through and through and complies with the BioSuisse standard. To ensure that our CBD quality remains high, we have our products tested weekly.

Anyone who strives for organic purity must have complete control over their value chain. Because only verifiable purity creates clarity for all consumers and business partners.

That’s why we adhere to two simple principles:

  • Purity of our raw materials and products
  • Clarity for all consumers and business partners

100% Organic

The cultivation of our basic raw material is subject to the strict BioSuisse requirements.

100% Expertise

With our experienced team, you not only have reliable partners at your side, but also access to an invaluable wealth of knowledge.

100% Control

Every single product is cultivated according to strict cultivation requirements and is subject to rigorous controls.


BioSuisse standard

We are committed to our customers to only offer products that meet the highest quality requirements. The raw materials for our CBD and hemp products all come from our own, BioSuisse-certified cultivation. We completely avoid artificial products such as herbicides and pesticides. And since only 100% natural substances are used to grow our cannabis plants, we can guarantee non-toxic products.

For our efforts and investments we are rewarded with BioSuisse quality: The Bud stands for flawless top quality.

Cannabis analysis with Swiss experts

As a long-standing partner of CBD-Test, we are proud to work with the leading experts in cannabis analysis in Switzerland.

CBD-Test is the first Swiss laboratory to specialize in the analysis of cannabis products, not only focusing on the THC content, but also taking other important parameters into account in the analysis.


We also want to promote the region with our work. We already employ over 30 people from various professional groups at our location in Ried. Together we are 100% committed to 100% top quality. No compromise. Totally committed to our name.

With sincerity towards people and the environment. SwissExtract is our life's work.