The raw material of our high-quality organic CBD oil is produced in Switzerland. Cultivation follows the strict BioSuisse guidelines. We have been growing cannabis in Seeland to this high standard since 2017. Here we combine traditional craftsmanship with the latest technology.

BioSuisse certified farmers plant and care for our cannabis. An independent laboratory continually analyzes our products and confirms top quality. Only 100% natural substances are used when growing our cannabis plants. No artificial products (herbicides and pesticides) are used.⁠

100% Transparency

We document the entire production process using blockchain technology.

100% Organic

The cultivation of our basic raw material is subject to the strict BioSuisse requirements.

100% Expertise

With our experienced team, you not only have reliable partners at your side, but also access to an invaluable wealth of knowledge.


Traditional craftsmanship meets state-of-the-art technology in our harvesting process. Our unique harvesting and cleaning machine for fully automated processing and cleaning of the plants has been specially designed and realized for our needs in collaboration with a German plant technology company.


We use drying cabinets manufactured in Switzerland for gentle drying. CO2 extraction is used to extract all the ingredients of the cannabis plant. The process does not require heating, is efficient and gentle.
This method is environmentally friendly and does not use toxic substances or alcohol as a solvent. It also allows us to extract the full spectrum of the plant's beneficial properties and the associated entourage effect for our CBD oil. All cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and nutrients are therefore contained in our products in their purest form.

Compared to cannabidiol isolates, full-spectrum hemp extracts have a naturally optimised effect that is not only stronger but also more far-reaching than that of pure CBD.

From seeds. On the shelf.

To ensure our high product quality, we have the entire value chain under one roof. From planting the seeds to the finished extract.

1. Select

  • Search for perfect phenotype
  • Structure, appearance, smell,...
  • Quality demands on the genes
  • Selection of seeds for cultivation

2. Cloning

  • Raise mother plants
  • Vegetative stage
  • Taking cuttings (cloning)
  • Caring for the mother plant

3. Grow & Care

  • 20ha of cultivated area
  • Bio Suisse certified
  • 5 months to harvest
  • Observe cultivar

4. Harvesting & Processing

  • Craft meets technology
  • Careful handling
  • Own harvesting machine
  • Automated picking

5. Drying

  • Prepared biomass
  • Rack dryer with chambers
  • Integrated tray lift
  • Optimal conditions

6. Extract

  • Gentle extraction
  • Complete ingredients
  • CO2 extraction process
  • Purest form of the extract

7. Refine

  • In-house laboratory
  • Chromatography & Analysis
  • Purification & distillation
  • Flexible starting product

8. Sell

  • Premium cannabis products
  • With pure active ingredients
  • In controlled quality
  • With clear origins


We use blockchain technology to document the entire process, from cultivation to harvesting and storage. This allows us to guarantee complete traceability from the end product to the plant seed.

Proven Quality