We are now established with our products on the market, but we are far from standing still. We are constantly working on new products with other plant substances of the usual high quality.


Our continuous innovation is the key to products that are not only safe but also groundbreaking.


With our experienced team, you not only have reliable partners at your side, but also access to an invaluable wealth of knowledge.


We document the entire production process using blockchain technology.

Pioneer in organic cannabis cultivation

We work and research on exciting questions:

  • Combination of modern agricultural and plant technology with traditional methods for the highest quality standards
    (LED additional lighting, modern CO2 extraction system, modern harvesting machine and tray dryer for high efficiency in the production of CBD biomass vs. traditional hanging drying at low temperatures, hand trimming and a maturation phase lasting several weeks (curing) for an intense and pleasant taste experience with THC flowers

  • Development of our own processes and recipes for the production of safer-use THC products such as edibles (confectionery) and vaporizers (vapes) in organic quality
    (e.g. for cannabis pilot projects )

  • Variety evaluations and selection breeding to develop Swiss organic THC varieties of exceptional quality ,
    which are suitable for resource-saving cultivation and cover a broad portfolio of customer requirements (e.g. for cannabis pilot projects )

  • Development of in-house biological plant and soil additives such as microbial compost extracts from plant waste to sustainably close material cycles in the company

  • Development of methods for soil-friendly cultivation and targeted improvement of soil life

  • Cultivation of high-quality cannabis for medical purposes in organic quality and according to GACP on behalf of customers (e.g. for pharmacies )

  • Further development of information tools for consumer advice through biochemical characterization of cannabis products (e.g. Terpene Wheel) with international partners such as CICADA Ltd

At SwissExtract we have a clear goal:

Creating transparency and traceability to meet all standards and create trust among customers and partners.

Controlled quality

All analyzes regarding pesticides as well as microbiological analyzes and controls are carried out by Labor Veritas.
In the area of cannabinoid analysis, we rely on the Swiss laboratory CBD-Test.

Transparent processes through CANNAVIGIA

The entire process from cultivation to harvest to storage has been documented at SwissExtract using CANNAVIGIA software since 2020. In this way, we guarantee complete traceability from the end product to the plant seed.

CANNAVIGIA is Europe's pioneer in compliance software, applying both global GS1 standards for transparency and local standards such as Swiss Certified Cannabis.